Giotto be-bè My liquid 1st glue

Giotto be-bè My liquid 1st glue

Giotto be-bè also thinks about school.

Giotto be-bè wants to help teachers and educators with the new liquid glue in a bottle ‘La mia 1 colla’ (My First Glue).

An excellent quality, 100% safe product for the smallest children.

This is a special, vegetable-based glue, natural, free of solvents and irritating substances.

Dermatologically tested and distinguished by the special green colour which disappears from the paper when the glue is dry, becoming completely transparent.

A colour that helps the child see the area where the glue should be applied with the brush.

Glues paper, card and cardboard perfectly.

My First Glue washes off hands, fabrics and surfaces easily.

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