• Giotto Patplume

    Play takes shape. Everyone agrees that Giotto Patplume transforms little ideas into great shapes, without drying out. Giotto Patplume is the latest-generation, soft, easy to knead modelling dough. Ideal for kindergartens and younger primary school children. Gluten-free, it can also…

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  • Giotto Patplume Accessories

    A barrel full of ideas. The Giotto Patplume Schoolpack is a little jar packed full of ideas for young artists. 95 assorted shapes and tools let you create thousands of different shapes and a whole new world to play with.

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  • Giotto Pongo

    Ideas from Pongo. Give shape and colour to your ideas! With Pongo, your thoughts come to life. You can model and create anything you can think of. This legendary plasticine has been a favourite with children and adults since 1950.…

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