#Aglanceoutside – LYRA and Canson Instagram Contest

General Rules

#Aglanceoutside is a global contest held on Instagram by F.I.L.A. Group, dedicated to artists, amateurs and followers from all over the world.

  • #Aglanceoutside contest is by no means sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram, and is promoted by F.I.L.A. SPA and Canson SAS (part of F.I.L.A. Group) on @lyra_feelcreative and @cansonpaper Instagram profiles.
  • The contest is aimed at the realization of one or more artworks using paper and graphite or coloured pencils. Each participant can only win once.
  • The contest will start on May 18th 2020, 10am CEST and will close on June 19th 2020, 6pm CEST. Every content received beyond this due date will not be eligible for participation.
  • This is a global contest open to whoever is willing to participate, in any country with no expections, provided they hold an Instagram account in compliance with Instagram Rules and Terms of use.
  • The participants are asked to portray what they see or imagine outside their windows, and are encouraged to focus on any possible source of inspiration – a landscape or a urban panorama, a building, a daily life scene, a specific detail – with no expection. The only rule is that the point of view is a window.
  • To participate to the contest, the users are asked to publish their artwork on their personal Instagram page mentioning @lyra_feelcreative and @cansonpaper and tagging in the caption the official hashtag #aglanceoutside. Any content lacking one or more of these elements will not be considered eligible for participation.
  • To be eligible for the contest, the artworks must be posted on a public account.
  • Artworks portraying offensive, discriminating images, and in generale anything which does not comply with F.I.L.A. Group Ethical values, will be rejected.
  • Artworks containing images or showing the recognizable presence of brands and product images will not be admitted to the contest.
  • Competition ENTRANTS must hold the copyright and any other rights pertaining to artworks submitted to the panel of judges. By participating, ENTRANTS guarantee that they possess all necessary rights to exhibit artworks that they provide as part of the COMPETITION as well as any recourse or particular legal action in this respect.
  • The ENTRANT shall retain all copyrights held over his/her artworks. However, through participation in this competition the ENTRANT and/or WINNER expressly grants the organiser the right, worldwide and without restriction, to use, reproduce, exhibit, republish, transmit, distribute, represent, make technical adaptations with a view to achieving higher image quality, make publicly available, communicate to the public, or translate in part or in full any artworks provided by the ENTRANT for the purposes of promoting this competition.
  • FILA Group reserves the right to resolve, according to its interpretation, those aspects not covered in these bases.

Contest Mechanics

  • The contenders have to publish their artworks on their personal Instagram Feed. They are free to publish them also as stories, to allow their sharing by @lyra_feelcreative and @cansonpaper Profiles, but only the artworks present in their profile will be considered valid for participating at the contest.
  • @lyra_feelcreative and @cansonpaper profiles will repost a selection of the best entries received by the participants.
  • While this publication does not imply a greater possibility to win the contest, it will nonetheless testify that the shared artwork fully satisfy the expectations of the organizers.
  • These contents will be reposted as a gallery and gathered in a specific section of @lyra_feelcreative and @cansonpaper Instagram Pages stories highlight.
  • Every contender will be tagged to grant visibility to their personal profile.


  • The contest will award 10 artworks among those received from the contenders, provided they comply with the rules above.
  • The winner will be awarded with 5 new A3 Canson Graduate drawing pads and a tin box with 36 Lyra Graduate Permanent pencils.
  • The 10 winners will be selected by Lyra and Canson global teams on the basis of the way they meet the contest goals with regard to artistic quality and creative expression.
  • The winners will be declared on @lyra_feelcreative and @cansonpaper Instagram pages on Monday June 29th 2020, at 6pm CEST and contacted through direct message by the organizers for the shipment of the award. If no answer will be received from the winners, the awards will be kept of a 3-months period. After this timespan, it wil not be possible to receive the prize.
  • The shipment will be managed by the organizers.