World Vision is an international Christian aid organization which was founded by Bob Pierce in 1950. The organization has been represented in Germany since 1979. World Vision is a well-known aid organization which enables long-term development projects via child sponsorships and currently has about 150.000 godparents in Germany. A sponsorship helps to realize sustainable regional development projects this supports the godchild, his or her family, and the village community. Initially, a needy child from Africa, Latin America or Asia benefits from the help. It is based on the basic needs of the godchild and may contain medical care, sufficient nutrition, education, or access to clean drinking water. The support for the child’s family includes, for example, training courses on agricultural cultivation methods or income promotion. As a result, the people steadily become independent of funding. All residents of a World Vision project area benefit if the infrastructure improves, for example, by constructing new wells, schools or health stations.

Since March 2015, LYRA is a proud godparent of a girl from Mali and two boys from Senegal and Mauritania. Employees who have taken on the sponsorships for the children write letters to the children at regular intervals, and on special occasions, such as birthdays, they receive gift packages. Depending on the child’s needs, the gift packages are filled with various items, naturally also with LYRA products. As a response, LYRA receives great self-painted pictures that often show scenes from their everyday life.

LYRA is happy to support the children with a sponsorship and is looking forward to further years and successes that can be achieved with such sponsorships.