Over the years, the Biennale di Venezia has devoted ever greater attention to education, developing a strong commitment to the so-called “Educational” activities aimed at the Exhibition public, universities and young people. GIOTTO, FILA’s love brand Fabbrica Italiana Lapis and Affini, is the Official Color of the Educational assets. This involve the link between a cultural institution and almost centenary brand, united by the desire to be at the side of the youngest to support them in their experience in the arts world. The Educational proposal will start from the theme of the Biennale Arte 2019 entitled May You Live In Interesting Times (May 11th – November 24th 2019), an edition that aims to stimulate a meditation on uncertainty, crisis and precarious existence. To curate the 58th Exhibition, Ralph Rugoff, current director of the Hayward Gallery in London.

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