And then DAS created wood.

DAS WOOD is born!

The new innovative wood clay is water-based and made with real tender wood fibres to create unique and impressive creations. Ideal for children, hobbyists and professionals.

DAS wood


DAS wood
DAS wood
DAS wood

The new, innovative, wood clay DAS.


Unique, water-based, with tender wood fibres

Ideal for everyone

A professional clay for artists, designers, artisans and hobbyists, also suitable for occasional users and school because it is easy to use and rewarding.


Super versatile

Self-hardening in the air, it dries slowly and allows the creation of resistant and long-lasting wooden sculptures, which can be sculped during the drying phase with gouges, spatulas and chisels and decorated once dry with paints and varnishes.

Unique and impressive creations

It can be modelled in bas-relief and in the round, with sheet and rope, alone or with other materials, such as wood, glass, cardboard. It is also ideal for upcycling and restoration work.

Q&A - questions and answers

What is DAS Wood?

DAS Wood is the latest big FILA innovation. A new air-hardening modelling clay based on natural ingredients such as tender wood fibres and water.

Is DAS Wood the same as DAS White, Terracotta and Stone, but with a different colour?

No, it is not the same. DAS Wood and DAS White, Terracotta and Stone differ in formulation, colour, weight, drying time and final result.

What is DAS Wood for?

DAS Wood allows the creation of resistant and long lasting wooden sculptures.

Who is DAS Wood for?

DAS wood is great for a wide cross section of people. Easy to use and satisfying, DAS Wood is not only a professional clay for artists, designers, artisans and hobbyists, but also, an easy to model clay for occasional users or schools.

How can DAS Wood be modelled?

It can be used for bas-reliefs and all-rounds, it can be worked through sheets and strings, with or without moulds and it is also ideal for up-cycling and restoration jobs.

How long does DAS Wood take to harden?

Depending on the size of the artifact, it can take from 24 hours to 1 week.

Can DAS Wood be inlaid?

Yes, during the drying phase it can be inlaid, carved and decorated very easily with tools like gouges, spatulas and scalpels thanks to the long drying time. Once completely dried, it can be inlaid with milling cutters.

How can DAS Wood be painted?

Once completely dry, DAS Wood can be painted with everything but the best would be watercolours, watercolour inks, chalks and everything that allows the material to remain visible under the colour and making colour layers.

In which formats is DAS Wood available?

DAS Wood is available in two sizes: 350g and 700g.

Does the size of the packaging differ from DAS White?

No, the size is the same but the weight is different. DAS Wood weighs less than DAS White, so DAS Wood 700g is the same size as DAS White 1Kg and DAS Wood 350g is the same size as DAS White 500g.

Is DAS Wood certified? Is it safe for children?

Yes, it is. DAS wood is solvent free, dermatologically tested, gluten free and water based. CE Certified for children 3+. ACMI certified with AP Seal.